Last Ride

Fifteen degrees is warm enough.

Warm enough to remind you of that hot July afternoon. Yes, that one.

Warm enough to keep your face from freezing when you lift the mask from your face, if only momentarily, and force your lungs full of the good air of open spaces.

Warm enough to encourage a little bit more speed on the easy corners.

Warm enough to remind you to bring sunglasses... By Five in the afternoon, the sun is preparing to retire for the evening, but before he slips into his crimson tent he will make one last effort to blind you.

Warm enough to go speed walking, with five water bottles strapped to your waist-pack. Fluorescent (phosphorescent?) yellow water bottles (canisters of highly radioactive elements?) [no, I didn't stop on the other side of the road to take a picture of him. I do wish I had taken the time.]

Warm enough to ride home in a light sprinkle of rain, feel a slight chill, and hope next year's riding season will be as good as this one has been.

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