Ferret Tape

I did a "freelance" shift for an old employer today, which meant lots of time tracking cardiologists across a stage with a video camera (which was good, if a bit dizzying) and even more time taping cables to the floor of the Shaw Conference Centre (which was... meh. An honorable way to earn a living, I suppose.)

After I'd been taping for a while, I began to notice a strange and familiar scent. It took me a while to place it, but eventually I decided that it smelled like ferrets.

This took me by surprise. I asked one of the other techs if he also thought the tape smelled like ferrets, and he laughed with a sort of "wow, I'm glad you don't work with us on a regular basis" chuckle and said he didn't have a clue what ferrets smell like.

After setting up another room and taping another set of cables, it dawned on me:
Sam likes to sneak into my dresser from the back sometimes, and snuggle up in the neatly folded and fresh-smelling work pants in the bottom drawer...


Shell-Bell said...

Oh Dan, I can see it now "Hey Dude, smell this tape...." You are very strange sometimes, I have to tell you.

rush said...

I smelled ferrets at "Where the Wild Things Are", I just couldn't identify the smell until I read your blog this evening.

You are aware they are from the skunk family! Right?

Jack said...