Eggnoggblogg: day 1

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I'm going to go on the "super-size me" style Eggnogg diet.

Day 1: to find eggnogg.

This is the most difficult part of the entire regimine. How much eggnogg to buy at one time? 2%, skim, "original," or home-made?

So many decisions.

The candidates thus far, based on past experience:

Beatrice 2% (Superstore, Sobey's)
this eggnog is thickened without excess weight from cream. Full-bodied, very drinkable.
An excellent choice for mixing with coffee. Response to steam-frothing YTBD, but I'd imagine that it would fare about as well as 2% milk.

Beatrice 0% (Superstore, Sobey's)
As above, only without cream and with additional flavouring to compensate.
I would hypothesize that this eggnogg is an excellent candidate for the eggnogg latte, but further experimentation is required.

Lucerne "Original Holiday Eggnogg"
This eggnogg is much heavier than the Beatrice 2%, owing I assume to additional dairy cream. Drinkable in moderation, but one might imagine the cream lining the arteries more and more with each additional glass...

Lucern "Low-Fat Holiday Eggnog"
Fake. Gross. Don't even consider it.

The choice of the discerning eggnogg enthusiast. Make it however you like, only make sure the ingredients are fresh, and don't keep it out of the fridge for too long...
To be honest, I've never found an eggnogg recipe that I've liked as much as the premix. Maybe this is the year...

Tomorrow I shall head out and forage for supplies.


Anonymous said...

I have the most amazing recipe ever! The downside is that there are about a million calories per ounce, and it was created in a time before chloresterol. I will share if you dare. Oh yes--the other downside is that one has to take out a mortgage in order to finance buying the ingredients. But it is sooooooo goooood. Mmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Mortgages for eggnog? What will this world come to next. . . . I have to say I'm not entirely surprised to read your entry on eggnog - your admiration for the stuff is legendary :). But I am a bit dissapointed that you never mentioned whether it is better to heat up egg nog just a bit in the microwave or drink it completely cold (for those of us who have no clue how to make latte's or other such stuff) or whether cinnamon or nutmeg or some other spice sprinkled on top adds to the beverage, or takes away from it's excellence. . . I await further observations :)


Daniel Jackson said...

Motgages indeed. Bourbon is more expensive than I remember.

As to the warm-vs-cold debate, have no fear, all shall be revealed in due time!