Eggnoggblogg day 2: the perils of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

I realize that this update is somewhat belated, given that three days have passed since the nominal "day one." Such are the perils of university life, and inaccessible grocery stores. (It's been said that Superstore will be open 24 hours per day in December... I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...)

Today I aquired the first round of noggy contenders:


(with Superstore's trademark take-it-from-the-shipping-crate-yourself-we're-busy-saving-you-money presentation)

Lucerne (Safeway)

And for good measure, a brand I haven't seen in a few years (since I don't typically shop at Save-On-Foods)--Dairyland.

While searching out my noggy prey in the foreign land of Save-On, I had the good fortune to happen upon a most remarkable display:

Free Bacon???

What a dilemma.

For the purposes of my experiment, the bacon was useless to me. Indeed, the sole purpose of my trip to Save-On was to determine whether there was any Eggnogg to be had at all; that the Eggnogg I found was of a different brand was pure chance. Bacon was outside the matter entirely—an off-the-radar-provision, a blindside.

Fate, it seems, was testing me.

To take the bacon, or not to take the bacon?

Whether 'tis nobler in the arteries to suffer

the sodium and cholesterol of outrageous porkfat,

or to take arms agains a sea of saturated fats and salivatory urges,

and by opposing end them?

Besides all the drama of longevity-versus-quality-of-life, it wasn't really free bacon at all. It was half-price bacon.

Then again, Bacon is easy to keep in the freezer. You don't have to eat it right away or anything. That way, if you ever do need bacon, you can have it ready within an hour or two. At half price.


Shell-Bell said...

I knew you had bought bacon from the first reading of the sign. There was no question, Dan and Bacon go together like salt and pepper, milk and cookies, ketchup on eggs ....

Anonymous said...

Definitely good you bought bacon (me being a pork farmer's daughter, I may be a bit biased in favour of bacon. . . . but even if I weren't, it's still absolutely superb. We buy it here in bulk three pack packages at superstore (cheaper that way, which appeals to my dutch side) and then cut the packages in half, freezer bag them, and have smaller quantities so that it's easier to eat fresher bacon (and not need to eat an entire package in a day when I realize it's been in the fridge a week, and probably going bad. . . . ).) (I probably should use less parenthesis. . . . using two at the end of a ramble is most likely a slightly bad sign of overuse. . . . :p.)

p.s. I look forward to further posts in your very thorough investigation :).