Eggnoggblogg: day 3

Today is the first day of my strict all-eggnogg diet. So far, no ill effects.

I did notice an odd craving, though: by maintaining caloric intake (from the sugar) and keeping the protein levels moderate (from the eggs and dairy products) I found that I wasn't really hungry after the first twelve hours. What I did crave was hard to define: not carbohydrates, not grease, not sugar... just something crunchy. Something crisp. Something light. Something that doesn't fill the stomach. Something the opposite of eggnogg.

Something like lettuce.
I don't think I've ever had a lettuce craving before.


Anonymous said...

So how long is this "all eggnog, all the time" diet going to last?

Anonymous said...

All the time? I thought it was just a thorough investigation. . . but not a complete diet! You're. . . . a bit eccentric maybe? :).