High Speed Photography FTW

This is the coolest video I've seen in a while:

Not sure how many thousands of frames per second that is, but it's a lot more than anything I've ever seen before. IIRC, lightning moves at something like 150,000 km per second...


mem said...

Pseudo-random noter. I was thinking about changing my blog name to "bigger on the inside" after Lewis' wonderful quote in The Last Battle, whence I assume comes your name?

In any case, the video is cool, and I sympathize with your quest for cheap phonage; I recently switched to a pay-as-you-go plan. If you are ever looking for a way to become incredibly popular, that is a great way. (I estimated that a mere 13 minutes of talk time a day would be a break-even point; but as soon as I got the phone people started calling me for no particular reason and I have averaged around 22 minutes per day. Attempts to save money result in instant popularity!)

Daniel Jackson said...

Pseudo-random reciprocation: I have an aunt and uncle in Kenya, working out of Arsim with the WMPL.

"Bigger on the inside" also refers to Dr. Who: "TARDIS" is the Doctor's time-traveling police call box that contains an almost immeasurably labyrinthine internal structure. There are obvious parallels between the TARDIS and Lewis' stable, and even though one fiction is entirely humanistic and the other rather theological, they come together on terms of cosmology. ^_^

Mobile phones... Surely they will be the end of us all. (Through brain-cell mutation or otherwise.)