One Highway-Bound Adventure, To Go, Please.

I'm almost ready to just ride away.
I've been thinking about all kinds of different destinations for my trip this summer, and while it would be cool to go visit M~J in Boston, I don't really feel that motivated in cross-continental travel anymore. Even the Iron-Butt rides seem like a bit too much... well, too much work.

My goals are pretty simple: I want to do is get "out there" and see "things," meet people in "unusual" places, and sleep in my tent again. Not a lot of planning required in that.

So, I think I'll try to stick to Alberta. I could do the Grand Canyon/Mt. Zion/Desert-type areas in a week without too much trouble, but I'd rather stay within a day's ride of home for some reason. I can still make the rockies (I've never driven the icefields parkway before...) and the badlands, which will fulfill my scenery and twisty-road requirements. I can even get a few more thousand KMs on before the end of season if I go in loops. (Canmore-High Level-Edmonton would even cover the 16,000KMs required for a SaddleSore... I don't need to stay up North for very long anyway...)

I think the main thing is going to be just leaving. I'm still feeling tied down by something here at home, even though I've only spent the last week doing almost nothing. (Yes, I did have coffee and dinner with friends, I'm not forgetting about you guys, but the rest of the time I wasn't doing anything important.)

The fact that I'm having trouble coming up with 'blog ideas is a very bad sign. (Then again, it might also be a good sign-I wouldn't want people coming here and reading about my boredom. Wait...)

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