Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a 'Blog!?!

One of the actors in Should've told me about Chaucer's 'Blog today, and since they're doing a last read-through before tonight's tech rehearsal I've had some time to go over and check it out.
I don't think I could stand writing that much Middle English on a regular basis. It's a fun style, don't get me wrong, but you'd go a bit nuts trying to keep your day-to-day language straight. (The most dangerous thing about translating Middle English is that there are so many words you think you know...)

The "Interview with Parys Launcecrona" is a real gut-splitter:

GC: How wolde ye descriven yower crafte and place in societee?

PL: ‘Tis harde to saye. Lyk, ich am a woman of businesse, ich am an actresse, ich do inspyre men of chivalrie to noble deedes, ich do founde chantries ful of preestes who praye for the soule of my chihuahua who of late did perisshe.

That post even inspired a t-shirt.

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Anonymous said...

wow that is impressive and I am impressed with his accomplishments. It must be difficult to always write in that way.