Heading Out

Getting started always feels like the most difficult part of a motorcycle trip. There's so much gear to pack, and even though it's all small and light, it still takes a few hours to get everything together, in the pack, and balanced for the cycle. (As much weight as possible should be near the cycle's centre of gravity—usually right above the engine. That means a tankbag is a good idea, but since I need a pack anyway, I keep the heaviest items in the bottom, so they'll be sitting on the passenger seat.)

Packing is even more difficult when you have a produce-happy grandmother and you're going to your parents' place. “Oh, I just picked some raspberries that I could send to your mom... and there's some carrots, and zucchini, and I picked up an extra pair of watermelons at Superstore yesterday...”
“Grandma, I'm taking my motorcycle, remember?”
“Oh... Well... Do you think you could still take a watermelon?”

I accepted the challenge.

Melons are bigger and heavier than I thought. No way that''ll fit in the saddle bag.

I knew it would fit. I had to take the tent out and bungee it onto the side, but I did it.


Kim said...

nice job with the watermelon, that is a lot of stuff to bring with you. I hope you have a great trip.

Michelle said...

You took the watermelon? out of all the things you listed, like carrots, you picked the biggest thing on the list. Why doesn that not surprise me