Day 1: Meet the PM

After delivering the precious cargo, I went with Dad, Ruth, and Pastor Lynn to one of Dad's PC riding association meetings. (The location is still being held a secret, for security reasons. Let's just say that we were a few blocks across the Saskatchewan border...)

Three events of the evening stand out in my mind:

This guy's shirt reminds me of sorbet. I asked Ruth what she thought that combination of colours would taste like, and she whispered "taste the rainbow."

After the PM's speech (rah rah we're conservatives!) he took the time to get photos with each and every one of the 30 or 40 tables. We were invited as a table to come up and stand beside the PM and his wife; we really had to squish to get eight people in the picture, so I was pressed very close against Mrs. R. Hon. PM... They'll e-mail the photos when they're ready, it'll be interesting to see the look on my face...

After our photo was done, we got to eat.
Standard conference buffet; but this dessert was very interesting. Light and fluffy filling inside a crispy pastry shell... tasty, but the whole thing looks like... well.. Like a turd. A sweet, lemony turd.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely way to explain the dessert.

Michelle said...

mmmmmm lemonly turd