Moving on

One essay down, two to go. (yes, they're both due this evening. No, I haven't started on either of them. Yes, that's a very bad state of affairs.)

When Monday comes around, I'll be finished for real, and none of this will matter anymore.

What an amazing time to be alive!


Naomi said...

Yup, motivation is an amazing thing, isn't it? It can almost equal faith in allowing things to get done, but not having it really doesn't seem too bad until we wish we had done something about something a long time ago. I don't know if that made sense, can you tell I just finished an exam I didn't study for?! Good luck on the cruches in the next week.

Daniel Jackson said...

Well, I don't know if I would want to say that motivation is related to faith in any way, given that I haven't accomplished anything significant in the last hour...
It's too bad that rush of adrenaline doesn't last a bit longer.
Looks like I'll be skipping class to finish the book report. And staying up all night to finish the essay, which probably won't actually get done until Friday.
Maybe I'll surprise myself.
Or maybe I'll just be mediocre again.

(Goes to look for energy-replenishing fluids...)