End of the Week

What a strange sensation.
Yesterday, I wrote the last Undergraduate English exam I'll ever write (God willing...)
So many thing I'm doing this week seem like they're happening for the last time.
Today isn't my last day at work, but it almost feels like it.
It's the same frenetic pace as a typical Saturday morning in Conference Services; I was even 15 minutes late for work and almost no one noticed. (Thanks, Ryan and Michelle, thanks alot.)

Sometimes I find myself pretending that it's the last time for something; like filling up the fuel tank on the truck. (Sadly that's one of those things that I'll have to continue doing well into the summer.)

Today I'll finish and hand in my last Undergraduate essay; Monday, my last exam. (Again, God willing...) One week from now I'll be in the graduation ceremony, and I'll probably see most of my professors and colleagues from TKUC for the last time in this life.
(*sniff* *Waugh!* *sniff*)

Thank God that Christians don't have to say good bye.

(We should still say "God b' with ye" whenever possible, but most people think you're just being silly when you do that, so I go with "God speed" or "God bless.")

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Naomi said...

Soon it will be the last time you fill the truck up too... after that you will probably have to fill up the Saturn, ha ha