I got this in a forwarded e-mail this morning, RE: Virginia Tech.

So many have asked how they can pray for us, and I am encouraged by the support of friends from around the country and the world.

Here's some specific requests from our fellowship:

One freshman still has a roommate that is missing. We are hoping that she may have been only wounded, but we have yet to hear from her.

Thankfully, two of our students overslept and missed their classes in Norris Hall during the shootings. However, one of those students lost his professor, and four of his classmates were wounded.

One senior in our fellowship was actually in a classroom in Norris Hall during the shootings. With the help of some classmates, he set up a barricade to prevent the shooter from entering the room.
The shooter fired shots at the door, but failed to enter.

One junior needs the most intercession. She is a resident advisor in West Ambler Johnston Hall and was a good friend to one of the victims who was murdered in this residence hall. The victim was a fellow resident advisor.

After an intense and painful day, we are in mourning.

Fortunately, there were no students in our fellowship who were wounded or murdered. However, a number of students have friends, hallmates, and professors who lost their lives.

On campus, I am deeply encouraged by the love and comfort that our students give to each other and their friends. The Body of Christ is truly at work here.

Though it feels like a dark cloud is over Blacksburg, God is present.

In this time of mourning, Christ is with us in our pain. In Christ Jesus we find our hope and refuge!
Thank you for your prayers and for sharing in our pain.

Wes Barts
InterVarsity @ VT

My papers look a lot more insignificant than they did a few minutes ago.

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Dan'ol said...

Man, thats harsh. You wonder why police wouldn't raid right away. Like Frick if i was swat i would raid that place, as soon as i got there. P.S.- check out my blog.