September is leaving

The colours really make a long driveway worth the extra fuel and time.
The driveway also provides an good place to observe Mr Great Horned Owl at his best: catching those little varmints you see in the picture above.Owl at dusk with my cheap digicam. Hopefully the shot with the 35mm "comes out."
[Why do we say that about film? Whether or not it's a good picture depends entirely on what you've already done; whatever the photo lab does with the negative will usually have a minimal impact.]


Rus said...

I realize I am entirely narcissistic, using only pictures of myself in my blog. In the future, I shall endeavor to include the world around me when adding photos to my blog.

You sir, are an inspiration.

... would you kindly point me in the direction of the nearest Great Horned Owl?

Daniel Jackson said...

Rus, you've done a 180 on me- when I was in Oxford you complained that I didn't have enough self-portraits.

A blog is a narcissistic endeavour, after all.

I suppose there are two ways to go about it.
You could post pictures from a second-person point of view, to help people understand you from that perspective; your blog is a conversation with the people who read it.
The other way would be to post all sorts of pictures taken from your own point of view, and treat the entire blog as an internal monologue of sorts; people who are reading will get inside your head and see the world as you see it.

I think my blog is a bit of an internal monologue, but you'll get a better idea of what it's like to be me if you click on all of the embedded links.