Class cancelled. What to do?

So, I read all morning in preparation for our first reading quiz.
Aemilia Lanyer writes beautifully, though her theology is a bit dodgy...
[This is a terrible essay on Lanyer's writing.]
The introduction to Layner's most famous poem makes the case for the goodness of women (especially in the biblical account) in spite of whom man has always defamed her sex. The poem itself, Salve Deus Rex Judæorum, presents Eve (cf. line 745 on) as the innocent victim of serpentine deceit and masculine weakness, and the women at the scene of the crucifixion as a testimony to the superior nature of womanhood.

I've heard the "Eve apology" before, but never in quite so lovely a form. I still don't agree with its fundamental tenet ("our mother could do no wrong, she was only a woman!"), but I don't disagree with the aassessmentof masculine ooppression either.

I'm not sure what to do with the presentation of Pontius Pilate as representative of the male attitude. "What is truth" indeed...

Egalitarianism is so difficult in scholarship.

On that note, hooray to Blogger for switching to the Gmail-style spellchecker!

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