Saturday, after a productive morning of reading and conversation, I went to the public Library.

This was a mistake on at least two counts: I did absolutely no studying whilst in the library, and I left with five DVDs.

I also encountered a sign on the community bulletin board, which inspired this demotivational poster:

(I'm not sure if this was a beneficial or harmful outcome of my visit.)

After my visit to the DVD rack and the computer terminals, I wandered over to the newspapers. Ahh, the wonder of newsprint. I encountered the Sunday Times, that institution of English life, and noticed a familiar face on the cover: Mr. Jeremy Clarkson. My favourite British television personality was there accompanied by an ominous headline mentioning my second-favourite British Television personality, the “Hamster,” Richard Hammond.

Is seems Hamster had a bit of trouble with a front-right tyre on the jet-car he was testing, and he came very close to becoming the first man to die at 300+MPH in the service of the BBC.

This brought to mind my own aunt, Roxy, who is undergoing some fairly serious surgeries in the coming week.

Please keep both of them in your prayers.

If you have the time, it would be good of you to send a letter to the BBC as well, telling them not to cancel Top Gear. Clarkson is right, it really is the best show on television, not the least because of the amazing ladies and gentlemen who put it together for us.

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