So, someone sent me one of those survey-things, and I responded and forwarded it. (Mostly because it's a good way of procrastination, and partly because I'm narcissistic.)
Rus sent me one that's even more interesting: a social values survey.

Apparently I'm a "thrill-seeking materialist", as opposed to a Security Seeking Ascetic, or a Connected Enthusiast (if I were older.)

To be perfectly honest, I'm more likely to represent myself in ways that are totally incongruent with the answers I give in these surveys. The real question is, am I answering based on what I believe about myself or based on the decisions I make in real life?
Self-analysis is tiring.

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Rus said...

Two of the biggest words I can remember from grad school are "nomothetic" and "idiographic". I don't know precisely what they mean, but I was given the following illustration.

Nomothetic values are the things we say we value. Idiographic values are the values we subscribe to as indicated by our actions.

Perhaps, gentle blogger, your nomothetic/idiographic values differential is higher than you would like?