Monday question:

Which is a better tool?
a Rock
a Stick
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The answer is: Rock!

I realize that I waited until wednesday evening, but I was the only one to actually vote for rock and now it looks like I almost lost, but googlefight has redeemed my unbiased and scientific findings. Take that, stick-people. Yes, you know who you are.

see also: Rock Music. (Where's your 'stick music,' eh?)


mle said...

Um, most musical instruments incorporate sticks in some capacity. Not so for rocks.

A stick is a very useful thing...

Daniel Jackson said...

No rocks in instruments, eh?

You could make handbells out of cystal, which is a type of rock, and you can't make them out of sticks. So there. Rocks are more musical, in all the important ways.

Sticks might be useful, but Rocks are better.

Daniel Jackson said...

If one were to use the above discussion as a model for human nature, I'm pretty sure that an evolutionary account for human civilization would be impossible.

We would never have been able to pool our collective resources and discover the usefulness of rocks and sticks together (which allow for such amazing things as portable fire, long-range weapons, the tesla coil, etc.) and would inevitably have ended our short existence in a rock people vs. stick people armageddon.

Thus, rocks and sticks are both excellent devices, rock being the superior of the two substances; but together, thorough the grace of God's original plan, they bring world peace.