I got my essays from far across the glittering sea!
I finally get to see what the professors wrote on them!
The hidden knowledge of Oxonian academic succes will be revealed to me at last, and I will be in possession of unstoppable academic power!

Actually, all that one of them did was to put a bunch of check marks up and down the margins, with "clear and precise" written in pencil at the end. Dr Ward went a step further, putting a question make beside my reference to the Tetragrammaton and an exclaimation mark next to Honorificabilitudinitatibus. He wrote a small sentence at the end, but it's illegible.

Oh well.


mle said...

Wow. Ward gave you a whole sentence??? On mine he wrote "v. nice." Bhattacharji wrote a little more, but it was all the same as what was on the printout from D.C. Alas.

Daniel Jackson said...

He found 4 technical errors in mine, though. I think that means you still win. (I did get an exclamation mark, though. I don't think you got one of those.)

I was waiting to see their comments before I e-mailed either of them to ask questions, but now that I've seen the truth of their attitude toward the programme... Well, I'm glad I haven't asked them any really outrageous questions yet.

mle said...

You're right. I didn't know he even had any exclamation marks in him.