More Xmas Linkage

Here's a snippet from Garrison Keillor:

Christmas does not need any improvements. It is a common ordinary experience that resists brilliant innovation.

(Thanks Rus for the link)


Naomi said...

Good article! But somehow the advice of spending time around a lot of bitter people in the far North with hardly any Sun and horrible food looses it's benefits when you don't actually return to conditions that are otherwise to appreciate them. A little depressing for my own circumstances, but I guess that was not what the writer was getting at... even if we have to spend every Christmas in what would look like depressing circumstances, maybe what he actually wanted to say that it is the intention we give the holiday... and if we give it the intention the Father did on that first Christmas it would just come down to a whole lot of love.

rush said...

Maybe, Naomi, you have to go even further north of your current position, in order to gain the perspective that would allow you to appreciate your present circumstances.

naomi said...

Haha well that may not be too far out of reach for the coming years!