News from the national campaign chairman for the CPC party: bring it.

News from the world of political fundraiser BBQ organization: BBQ roast beef should be served with horseradish.
Or... I don't know... BBQ sauce?

Also, don't hire comedians from Ontario who tell jokes about Western Canadian geography.
The guy thought it would be funny to make fun of the Dutch Elm disease signs.
He also thought it would be funny to mention that Dawson Creek is a town in North-East BC. No punch-line, just a note that the town has a name similar to that of a now-ancient TV series. (His directions to reach Dawson Creek were "Drive North for seven hours, and then turn left." Apparently, people from Ontario think that "drive North" is the same thing as "Drive West-by-North-West, until you hit a lake or something, and then go around that." That, or he hired a crooked taxi driver at the international airport and was taken for a world-record fare-scam.)
I walked out of a comedy show for the first time in my life. His funniest joke was a passing reference to grease nipples. (Best unintentionally funny joke: he left a job selling retirement investments to Ottawa civil servants so he could move to Calgary and do comedy...)

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