This is what happens when you give someone with OCD a chance to use your kitchen for a few weeks:
things begin to change.

(Yes, I did save a reasonable number of plastic tubs for day-to-day use. And they're even easier for grandma to reach from a wheelchair, should she need to do so.)


Shell-Bell said...

Good Job Daniel, you wanna come over to my house and clean there???

naomi said...

Daniel!!! What did you do!! Grandma is gonna keeeeel you! lol well maybe not, but what did you do with all the extra tubs/lids? I use them a lot for crafts so I hope you didn't throw them away! Never throw anything away - sending it North makes sisters happier. But I do admit it looks better.

Jack said...

Do you people not read? I saved lots of tubs! I didn't throw away any of the 4l tubs, nor any lids. (The disproportionate number of tubs:lids must be Gopher's doing...)

If you want 500 of the 250ml yogurt tubs, which have been hiding in a box at the back of a cupboard mixed in with ten-year-old onion peels (???) you're welcome to them. I'll toss them in the motorhome next time I go down to Killam.