Recipe of the Week: Country Coffee

Café del Campo

Take your percolator, drip coffeemaker, french press, or whatever.

Add the "normal" amount of coffee grounds for your desired serving (usually 10g per 115ml of water)

Now add the same amount a second time, and then a third, and then dump whatever's left in the bag into the filter/press until it starts spilling on the counter/dirt.

Now scoop up the spilled grounds an put them into your coffee cup.

Make coffee according to the directions that came with your coffeemaker. (For a drip coffeemaker, you'll get ~90ml of coffee per 115ml of water, instead of the normal 110ml.)

If your coffeemaker has a hotplate, leave the carafe to "decant" for about an hour after it has finished filtering. OR: For extra richness, dump the coffee you've just made back into the water container and let it filter through once more. For extra-authentic aroma, spill some used coffee grounds from the filter onto the hotplate. (French press users will have to make due with the regular aroma of café del campo, or find another way to burn the grounds.)

Serve your coffee in a well-seasoned cup over the spilled grounds.

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