The Great Spaghetti Experiment

Experiment one: to see if "the subject" will eat spaghetti.
The subject is a caucasian male of advanced age, with limited prior exposure to spaghetti.
The control is a young caucasian female with significantly more prior exposure to spaghetti of various forms.
For the purpose of this experiment, "Spaghetti" consists of long, thin strands of cooked pasta served with a hearty tomato-and-meat based sauce. The sauce was prepared from tinned/prepared "four cheese" base, with added fresh vegetables, herbs, and meatballs. The spaghetti itself was of a common semolina variety, strings broken in half before cooking.

The pasta was placed in a bowl directly in front of the subject and the control, with the sauce immediately beside.

Result: the subject hesitantly collected one half-serving (approx. 50g) of pasta and placed it on his plate. Once assured that the sauce contained meat protein, the subject collected several meatballs and placed them beside the pasta on his plate. When it was demonstrated that the red sauce was also suitable for application directly to the pasta, the subject applied approximately one half-serving of sauce.
After consuming the initial half-serving, the subject obtained an additional half-serving of pasta, with an additional complete serving of sauce with meatballs, again placed beside the pasta.
(The control consumed one serving of sauce applied directly to one serving of pasta, the meatballs sliced and mixed with the rest of the dish. The observer consumed his spaghetti using the "wind then spear" technique. I was hungry, so I also had seconds.)

Conclusion: the subject is unfamiliar, and perhaps uncomfortable, with the concept of a two-part entree, and seems to recognize the pasta as more of a side dish to the meatballs. He is, however, not unwilling to consume spaghetti.

Experiment two will repeat the first experiment, this time serving pre-combined pasta and sauce.

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