2009 will be a year of thankfulness.

Anyone who used to read the verbosity found in this space has undoubtedly noticed that I've failed to keep up with the blogging for the last month and a bit. I feel a bit guilty for failing to keep up with demand for interesting thoughts, or whatever it is that people look for when they come here, but to be honest I've had better things to do. (Not that I was always doing those things...)

Sadly, Eggnog season is over.

Getting back on track means a fresh vision, a purpose to this space and these words beyond the complaining/criticizing/philosophizing of the last couple of years. I've always tried to make my blog something positive (or, at the least, more sarcastic than cynical,) but this year I'd like to shift the focus to thankfulness.

This morning, I am thankful for friends. There's nothing fun about getting up at 6:30 to a sunless wasteland and a frozen car, and getting up a half-hour late isn't any better. It is better, though, when you've got a friend who'll share the misery with you. (Even if he does have heated seats in his car, which sits in a warm garage all night...)

This morning, I'm thankful for coffee and gasoline. Neither are as good as the hot cider I drank yesterday, but when you just need to wake up and thaw your car's oil pan, a cup of coffee and a camp stove are worth their weight in liquified gold. (A functioning block heater I suppose, would be worth its volume in gold... Perhaps it's time to call a few more Saturn dealers and see if there are any hiding in corners of warehouses...)

This morning, I am thankful for tagoo, which does most of my song selection for me on Sunday mornings. (Someday I might find "upbeat" "worship" music that I'll listen to during the week and have something specific in mind on Sunday morning at 8:00; until then it's easier to search the 'net for recognizable "mainstream" names and take what I can get.)
(I'm also thankful for the liturgical calendar, which makes selecting colour schemes for the stage lights somewhat easier.)

This morning, I am thankful for transubstantiation. Thankful not for the body that divides, but for the body that was divided and now brings us together; transformation of brokenness into wholeness.


Shell-Bell said...

Dan, I thank you for that blog. When I went to read it, I was focusing far too much on the things I didn't have instead of the things I do. Thank you for refocusing my thoughts on what's more important.

Naomi said...

Yes, this is a year to be thankful whether we are in a year of plenty or want.

But regarding the comment about eggnog season being over, well eggnog in the grocery store was half the price of milk today, so I will be substituting eggnog into everything I would have used milk for this week... so really eggnog season is just beginning at my house :D