Eggnoggblogg, days 6-8: wherein flavours are described.

For the past week, I've consumed something on the order of one litre of eggnog per day.

Physically, I don't feel I've suffered any ill effects; I have learned a great deal about eggnog.

So, what remains is to get it all in writing... right after I get the pictures ready, and the translation finished for tonight's Latin class...

Vale, eggnog — iam Catullus obdurat.
Scelestum, vae te! Quae tibi manet vita?
Quis nunc te imbibet? Cui gusteris delectabile?
Quem nunc satis? Cuius esse diceris?
Quem basiabis? Cui linguam lenies?
At tu, Catullus, destinatus obdura.

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Shell-Bell said...

So I'm assuming that was Latin. However, even when I go to a Latin to English translator, I still get a lot of gibberish. I guess that's why you are taking the class instead of relying on a translator ;) So ya, looking forward to your pictures and descriptions. Although I have to say, drinking a litre of eggnog a day, you might not feel it, but I bet the scale can tell the difference.

P.S. If you're wondering this is what I got from the translator:

"Bid farewell eggnog — now Catullus to be hard. Wicked , woe you! Which to you morning life? Anyone now you imbibe? In which gusteris delightful? Whom now enough? Of whom to be diceris? Whom the act of kissing? In which language lenies? But you Catullus , resolute to be hard."

Anything close to what its supposed to be?