We control the horizontal... And the vertical...

Today has been a strange day.
An Outer Limits sort of day, even.

First, my sister is in town, but she's sleeping all day. I have no idea why. (I would have asked, but I only found out when she called my cell phone, and I could barely hear her for the terrible reception. I would have asked this morning, but she was sleeping.)

Then I realized that it was getting a bit too cold for motorcycling. Yes, summer has ended. The thermometer read 1.5 on the centigrade scale. Yikes.
Praise be to God for the miracle of silk long underwear.

When I got to school, I found that I'd been given a cheque in my mailbox, a cheque that was supposed to be deposited electronically last week so that I could pay for tuition. (Fortunately, I paid with my Mastercard...)

I also found that my paper on Eve and Sin in Paradise Lost has been accepted for reading at the upcoming Medieval and Early Modern Institute conference on Holy Women.
I'm a real academic now!
I have to present a paper at a conference of graduate students from all over Canada (and some from the US!) And most of them will have a feminist (or at least post-modern) outlook on the topic at hand!
Oh well... I've got a few months to polish this paper to a bright sheen... A few months when I should be working on other, more important, papers...

To finish the afternoon on a positive note, I was delighted to find an actual, practical use for the tweezers on my swiss army knife (model 53401-"Executive".)

This should really teach me to stop using my old 512MB cruizer micro and switch exclusively to the 2GB drive that Rus gave me for graduation: the design of the newer drive has done away with the old metal casing around the USB connector, which makes it totally lint-proof.

The epitome of functional design in a USB connector.

The cruizer is a very fast little drive, though, and there's something delightfully redundant about keeping two USB drives on the same keychain. I use one for programs and one for files.

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naomi said...

I was sleeping all day so I could stay up all night of course! Well, not just stay up, but drive all night. With fog & bears & deer & elk to keep me company. Yes, sleeping all day was helpfull.