I re-read my last post up here, and I think I should be ashamed of myself. I'm in the same rut I was last week; nothing has changed except for the date on the calendar and the titles at the tops of the pages I'm writing or on the books I'm reading.
Okay, that's not entirely true... a few things have changed in my life outside of school, but that life seems so far away when I'm sitting here writing. Isn't that bizarre? To split a life so completely into two compartments? I always used to think it was phony to go to church on Sunday and never incorporate religious practice into daily living, but now I think scholars are even more phony. There's an underlying political outlook to the lives of the scholars I talk to, I suppose, but beyond that you can't tell a modern-aboriginal-drama scholar from an early-modern-legal-history scholar.
So? What did I expect?

In other news, there's eggnog in the grocery stores now.
Mmmmmm... Eggnog.
Lord, thank you for grace.

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Prof E said...

I think we all wear diferent hats in different places, and scholars are no exception. Most of us accumulate many guises as we chug along through life. Sometimes when I am sitting at home, I cannot relate to my life as an academic: the goals and aspirations are so very different. I wear a "mom" hat and a "friend" hat and a "teacher" hat and a "scholar" hat etc. etc. It seems as though we can be "real" only in the time and space which we are immediately inhabiting. I don't think that realizing this dilemma makes us phony or non-real in our differing dimensions. We just cannot be in all of them at the same time. Or maybe, if quantum theory holds, we can: we just lack the expanded consciousness to apprehend. Or something.....