Name That Donkey!

This afternoon my grandparents made an amazing discovery: one of our donkeys had a brand-spanking-new baby jack!

Now we need to come up with a name for him.
Thus, it brings a tear to my eye and a palpitation to my heart to say that I am once again going to bring back that left-behind-but-not-forgotten institution,

So, what should we call this little donkey?
All of the names of our burros so far have been (approximately) en Español. I'm not entirely sure why... but I like Spanish as much as the next guy, so we might as well stick with it. I'm guessing that it all started back when Grandma started taking care of "our" first donkey, Chico, for Bob Breen back in the 80s (Breen was best known to Edmontonians as "Klondike Mike," but I'm guessing that nobody who reads this will know anything about that era.) Part of the arrangement for Chico's room and board was that he would perform every year in our Easter play, so when the dear old burro passed on sometime in the early 90s we needed a replacement. The category of previous names for Jackson donkeys also includes Señorita, Gracias, Nacho, Taco, Salsa, and Levi. (Levi was my sister's donkey, she named him.)

Anyway, here's the list of names I like so far:

Pepe - A cookie for anyone who catches the reference... (Yes, Pepe was technically a "mule" rather than a donkey, but "he" also had four wheels, so I think a bit of flexibility is justifiable.)

Manny - For Manuel Calavera, everyone's favorite travel agent and bar-owner from the land of the dead.

Fabio - Named after a Roman general and a variety of bean that we've been growing for a few years... Really, how can you beat that?

Jalapeño - Goes with Salsa and Taco, his parents.

What's a good name for a burrito?
Pepe, the "little mule"

(Señorita says HAY GUYS WHATS UP???)


Prof E said...

Hey! I still like *my* suggestion of "Taquito" best!
And I remember Klondike Mike, back in the day when proud Edmontonians actually got dressed up in Klondike costumes for the Promenade and the parade. Yes, I had a Klondike dress, although I do not remember wearing it. Neil used it one year for his Hallowe'en costume, and that was the end of that.
Why were your g'parents *surprised* at the new donkey? Can't one tell when a mother donkey is in a "delicate condition?"

rush said...

I believe all the names are in reference to the movie, Romancing the Stone, for which Pepe was a dead giveaway. Manny may have been the Danny DeVito character (or his associate), and Fabio was in reference to the romance novelist's imaginary hero.
Jalapeno... I can't recall, but I'm sure it was mentioned in the movie.

Daniel Jackson said...

Donkeys are a bit sensitive about their rotund figure; it's best to keep your questions to yourself when you see a female donkey looking bigger than normal...

Taquito could work... "Little Taco", thus "Taco jr", Or "Taco the second", if you're not into the whole brevity thing...

Rus, you got Pepe, but Manny really is my favorite PC game hero and the others came from a Spanish name-origin list... Nice try, but you only get one cookie. Maybe I'll buy your coffee, if I'm in a good mood.