Goodbye, Farewell, Amen

I cleaned out my locker this morning. No more #30 across from the student mailboxes. No more black Masterlock --, --, --, --. [padlock combination removed...]

The locker-dwelling product of my four years of undergraduate study:

  • ~15 books of various shapes and sizes.
  • A complete set of lecture notes for EDUC 300, ENGL 380, and some THEO240 seminar papers.
  • Two coffee mugs.
  • One empty energy drink can, one empty energy drink bottle.
  • An empty Buckley's cough syrup bottle. (Ahhh, how I remember that week... a swig of Buckley's before class always keeps the coughing and sniffles at bay...)
  • Some scrap CAT5 cable [without termination.]
  • Various trinkets and doodads from draws and giveaways (including a nice blue sports-spectating blanket from a Chemistry research database company. Funny, since I don't go to sporting events and I don't use chemistry databases...)
  • A Panavision Canada baseball cap. (I can't remember where I got his one, but every self-respecting would-be filmmaker has a Panavision hat, so I'll hang on to it.)
Left in the locker:

One jar of Tostitos medium salsa.
If I recall correctly, I found this jar somewhere in the bowels of the drama storage rooms or the old Student's association building, and I said to myself "self, wouldn't it be funny if you put that old jar of salsa in your locker and forgot about it, only to find it again in three years when you finally clean out this locker?"
And here we are.


Michelle said...

so did you leave it there dan, for the next freshman to come and find it, and then leave it in the locker for 4 years, only to be in the very same position?????? Better yet, hide it somewhere so that very same freshman can discover it, just as you did?????

Daniel Jackson said...

Michael Wellsbury (one of the custodians, also in charge of cutting locks on abandoned lockers over the summer) is always giving me a hard time, so when he saw me cleaning out the locker he acted all disappointed that I wasn't leaving anything good for him to take.
I left the salsa for him.

RB said...

hahah. Leaving the salsa for him. A couple of summers ago us chemistry students had to help him with a couple of locks that couldn't be broken. We ended up freezing them in liquid nitrogen and beating them senseless with a hammer to destroy the lock, after we had taken a blow torch to them. It was a good time.

Kim said...

i am sure he will appreciate the surprise of salsa in the locker.

Naomi said...

Ahhh, the finality of cleaning out a locker. There's just something about it. I'm sure Michael will have a laugh over the salsa. But yeah, nothing beats the fun of breaking open lockers with chemists to find the treasures waiting inside...