Thinking Outside the Box

After having successfully completed my day of graduation (and having given an "interesting and emotive" reading of that litany I finally wrote...) I am left with little to do in the way of serious thinking.

Sitting outside at a park on Saturday, my thoughts returned to the most daunting challenge I've ever faced: I asked whether I can cease to think.
This took some thinking, and I don't think I've got an answer yet, but I made progress:

Instead of my usual "I'll just sit and think about not thinking" approach, I tried to ignore my own thinking and just look for a while. My digital camera assisted me in this project:

Ultimately, the experiment failed to give the desired results: rather than collecting the data of the experiment and thinking about not thinking, I began thinking about the ironies of an information podium that displays instructions for mounting information podiums.
In other words, one of my biggest problems with not thinking is that I'm easily distracted.

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Naomi said...

Isn't distraction great? It can keep you busy for hours and you feel just as panicked afterward as before. And on top of that, it makes people think you have mental issues when you jump from one thing to the next... Hey, what was that podium sign thing about?