Bacon Sandwich of Doom!!!

Apparently, there are people in this world who take cooking to an entirely new level of scientific obsession. They call themselves molecular gastronomists.

Such people have been known to attempt describing what makes good food good, and such an attempt has been made with the venerable Bacon Sandwich.

As it is now 20 minutes to 11, and I have a night of philosophical pondering ahead of me; I shall be off to Safeway in an attempt to procure some back bacon and farm loaf.

Thanks to Dr. Johnboy for this gustatory inspiration.


Kim said...

hey Dan
so did you get to make that bacon sandwhich that you wanted to at home?. The website picture lokos actually good just not sure I would put that much bacon on it.

RB said...

Sweet Bacon sandwich!
I thought you might comment on this, found the ars article.
Good luck with your philosophical pondering.