The Other Capital City

Things in Toronto are really bad.
Maybe I shouldn't be so eager to study in a city where people flush floss.


Anonymous said...

wierd - flushing floss - I've never heard of that before. Maybe all the Torontonians should move to Kazakhstan for a bit, where EVERYTHING has to be thrown out in the garbage (yup, toilet paper in a garbage - maybe with a lid that has to be picked up by hand - very sanitary. . . ) or else all the plumbing systems will do something catastrophic (and probably worse than a bit of contamination - probably more like cause big time plumming loss to huge amounts of people for an indefinate amount of time). Anyway, after moving to Kaz for a bit, then all those folks who normally flush stuff like floss would be so traumatized by their experience, that they wouln't flush it anymore! Voila
Or, alternately, maybe the answer is just to shut down the plumbing systems completely in Toronto for a few days. . . hmm no sewage = good lesson.

Daniel Jackson said...

If there's anything that'll teach Toronto a lesson, that might be it.

If I end up at the CMS, I'll do my best to disable the plumbing.