First post in a week!

I've decided to become more disciplined in my blogging: from now on, I'll only update when I actually accomplish something significant. The lack of recent updates is an indicator of just how unproductive my life has been lately: sure, there are still victories (like finally getting out of bed in the morning, mustering the energy to shave every couple of days...) but on the whole I haven't been doing much at all.

Then, today, I finally got all of the reference letters needed to send away my Cambridge application. A cause for celebration! (I think most of my professors were being a bit vengeful for the times when I've asked for last-minute deadline extensions...)

Today, I learned that:

  • I should always phone to double-check.
  • I should never trust Canada Post to do Purolator's job. (CP assured me that it wouldn't go out 'till tomorrow; Purolator was actually cheaper, even without the small business discount I get from CP, and they put it right into the truck and off to the airport. These two are supposed to be the same company now; what gives?)
  • I should just pay 10 cents per page and do my photocopying here at the school, rather than expecting the random copy shop / convenience store beside the post office to have a working document feeder. (Collating four copies of a seventeen-page essay just isn't fun when you've been up all night.)
  • I should avoid Purolator depots that are beside used bookstores. (Another Bunyan, another copy of Prince Caspian, a translation of The Little Prince to go with the really nice French copy I found last year, and some more Dostoevsky. I managed to resist the intriguing pseudo-Oxonian romance novel. )
  • I should never assume that Amazon is actually working on getting my textbooks to me. (So much for saving time and money by ordering everything in December...)
  • Just because Dr. E is under the weather doesn't mean I can let my guard down. (Apparently my letter of reference is full of commendations for improved command of English and rapid adjustment to Western social norms. I think she was kidding...)
  • Just because Dr. Z asks me to provide tech support for the Spanish 200 lab doesn't mean I should agree. Not even after she said all of those nice things in her letter of reference.

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