Killam on Christmas Eve

Being back at the Killam Penticostal Tabernacle is an interesting experience. Watching the annual Sunday School play makes the event that much more interesting.

Naomi and I shared a hymnal, but hymns 312-318 were missing. Thankfully, all the verses to “Silent Night” and “Away in a Manger” sound roughly the same. (“Waaatermelon watermelon waaaterrrmellon, …)

The handbell ensemble was... sincere and full of heart. Braden Holmstrom stole the show.

My sister’s lead role in the skit was best of all. She (as “Wally W. Whigwhacker”) interviewed “random passers-by” in a “shopping mall.” Zeke got to try attacking her with a cane (in character, as a disgruntled anti-consumerist.)

Dad made steak for lunch.
Ahh, steak. Dad likes having steak or roast every Sunday, and there's something very right about that. Then again, As much as I love steak, I think I’m going to regret eating it when we get to my aunt’s tonight. I can taste the Turkey/ham/potatoes/cake and pie/etc. already… And there’ll be more on Monday at Grandma's…
So long as there isn't any more eggnog, I might only gain 5 pounds this year.

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