Ferrets and kitchens and 'blogs.

Jetta (the ferret) keeps coming over to visit when I'm sitting at the desk. This wouldn't be a problem, except that she's very quiet and sneaky, and I'm usually barefoot when I'm working at the desk. I'm minding my own business, typing up another gradschool application, and *whoosh* there's something warm and furry running across my feet. It's been three times already today; I think my blood pressure is going up.

In other news, it's nice being at home and having unrestricted access to the kitchen. Mom's coffee grinder, a sink with running water, a convection oven, everything a guy could want. The dishwasher has been on the fritz and they've been having some trouble with water lines, so yesterday I got to wash dishes all afternoon. Ahhh, the bliss of hot rinse water and squeaky-clean silverware.

Sadly, I found one of our old plastic Dalmatian plates cracked beyond hope; I think it's the last of the set.
Worse, I can't even get the picture to upload. I think our ISP here is blocking blogger for some reason: I can log in and post, but I can't see any .blogspot 'blogs or even read the RSS feeds. Oh well.

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Rus said...

I must agree, I can enter a Zen-like state of meditation by washing the dishes by hand--or by washing the car. Making things clean has a soothing effect. And, since our dishwasher broke down, we are amazed how clean our dishes are getting.