No Time Left for You

Friday is depressing.
I'm glad that it's the weekend, but there's a lot of stuff I should have done already this week that I've neglected. And I agreed to record a Sax&Piano concert, so I've got even less time to work tomorrow than I thought I did.
On the bright side, the Hip-Hop concert last night was better than I expected. They even gave me a t-shirt. It's a large, and I'm not entirely sure if I would wear it in public, but it's still a well-built t-shirt. Thanks again, guys, and keep rhymin' fo da King, ya no' wha I iz sayin'? [ahem]
Am I a professional now that I've worked with classical, pop, rock, folk, country, worship, jazz, African drum, Punjabi, and hip-hop musicians?

I've discovered something disturbing. Using one of the tracking programs embedded here, I discovered that someone recently found one of my less outstanding posts using a very specific search term. I have no idea who this person is (they're on the East coast) but I really hope that they didn't hear about said post from anyone in particular. Yikes. The reader didn't even look at any other posts, so I'm guessing that they were actually looking for something entirely different.

On a more edifying note, it seems that someone else shares my impeccable taste in 'blog aesthetics. Fight the good fight, Daniel.

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