Precipitation Peril

I'm sitting in the 2007 Graduand meeting right now, which is why I'm posting this instead of working on my Milton paper. (Hooray for bureaucratic excuses!)

This morning I got stuck in a small snowbank (mostly because I couldn't see where the road was, but partly because my tire chains seem to be designed for Japanese snow, which must give more traction somehow.) My socks are wet. Luckily, scotchguard keeps my pants from absorbing all liquids, even melting snow. (Perhaps I should start scotchguarding my socks...)

On with the Poll!
Should I attend the convocation ceremony?

People you know are graduating. You should support them.
You might be selected as valedictorian. (You never know...)
You get to be one of the last students to accept a diploma from Dr. Groenewold, who is retiring!

2003 was a good year for enrolment at King's. That means a loooong ceremony. Standing in the hallway in those heavy robes waiting with hundreds of other students, panting and sweating, just so we can walk across the stage and move on with our lives.

Ooops. I just volunteered to write the litany. I think that means I should go.

Emergency Poll:

Which of the following should I include in my Paradise Lost essay?
"Snow Chains"
(Write-in, see comments below)
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