Wednesday Thankfulness

Tonight I'm thankful that class was let out early.
In the middle of a discussion about Alice Walker's "The Child Who Favoured Daughter", our Russian evening security heavy-metal rock dude, Anton, knocked on the door to inform Professor Philip Mingay that his wife is desperately trying to reach him to tell him that she is having her baby.
(Mobile phone reception is nonexistent inside our buildings here. I'd get better reception in a steel-reinforced concrete bunker out in the badlands, fifty feet underground where the dinosaurs are buried.)

By the way, don't read the Walker story. Sure, it's short, and it's relevant to issues of female and racial oppression, but it's not worth the mental scarring. Just don't.

Anton says it took him ten minutes to find our classroom. The person on the phone didn't have a clue where "Dr. Phil" (hehehe) was teaching. I hope the kid comes out okay.
Godspeed, Dr. Phil.

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