More Thankfulness for Friday

I'm thankful for North American border security.
There's nothing like miles of unkempt wilderness and "primeval forest" to foster a sense of unity between our nations. (It also means that, should relations break down in some future political era, I'll be able to smuggle bibles across the border by dragging a 150lb backpack through the muskeg. Ahhh, muskeg...)
Favourite quote from the article:

"You have to have this corridor clear if you are going to detect movement across it. If you are taking pictures of trees, you are not really protecting the boundary."
--Dennis Schornack, U.S. commissioner for the boundary agency.

When I was at the BC/Idaho border, I took this picture.

That's a pretty well-kept border if I've ever seen one.
("Wait, there's one sneaking across! Fire at will!
Don't you see him? By that tree! No the other tree!")

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