Thursday: More Psychobabble

Here's a really nifty test: can you discern a fake smile from a real one?

Better question: can you tell why the British dentistry/orthodontics industry is sometimes mocked? Is the irony of a British smile test deliberate?
Also, the lens they're using on the camera is indeed distorting the size of those foreheads. That's the only possible explanation... (The expression "*", as used by C. Schultz and Japanese comic artists, is the only response to these two observations I can come up with.)

Another question: if a socially adroit guy like me spent some time studying, could I become a really good lie detector? If so, what would be considered ethical or unethical use of that skill?

I think I just got a response. The church e-mail this week has links to a psychometric "spiritual giftings" test.
I'm a "helper/prophet/exhorter(/teacher/shepherd/etc.)"
I think that means I should use my social engineering skills to blend into the background of church life (hello sound booth!) and give timely, effective spiritual counsel when people ask for it, but I'm not entirely sure.
I "scored" almost as high in teaching as in exhortation, what does that mean?

These tests are dangerous for an introspective feeler/thinker like me. I might end up defining myself based on some arbitrary theoretical assumption about my soul.

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