The Origin of Sin

Sin came into the world because God put the venae cavae on the right (dexter) side instead of the left (sinister.) The Right side gets warmer, which is better. (This is why women are sinister-they're grown on the left side of the womb, so they aren't as warm. As Dr. Everest would say, "they don't get cooked all the way." Medieval (classical) physiology is weird stuff.)

According to Milton, sin came out of the left side of Satan's forehead. Satan recognized sin as a product of himself, desired and loved sin, and thus begot death. (II.746-809.)
I haven't got to the garden and Eve's decision, but I think the location of Adam's missing rib might be important.
(An aside: how many of you grew up believing that men are missing one rib? Until five minutes ago, I was quite certain it was true.)

St. Paul and St. James both seem to agree with Milton's interpretation. Or something.

This is the most inter-disciplinary research essay I've ever written. It's probably the most portentous, too: I've always wanted to know where sin came from.

This guy is onto something, but his research doesn't go deep enough. The connection to "adroit" is interesting, as I've already been thinking about that word in a different context...

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