Monday Poll: Snow

Faithful readers, I know that you've come to expect a less than serious question to appear in this space each and every week. I understand that you read this page for the kind levity which will allay the grave portentiousness of our least-favourite day, the Monday.
In a cosmological sense, Mondays are days of the moon. Lunacy abounds on this first day of the week, and lunacy isn't all fun and games.
Today's poll with broach a very serious subject: The relationship between Snow and Daylight Savings Time.

I'll begin with a disclaimer: I am not a licenced meteorologist. My views are very controversial, (Environment Canada might shut down this site at any moment) but the truth is more important than sleeping without fear of government enforcers.

I'll explain the current meteorological situation for those of my readers who don't live on this continent: This weekend brought a whole bunch of snow, seemingly out of nowhere. Friday was a light dusting, Saturday was a gentle snowfall, but Sunday was disastrous. I heard reports of an eighty-car pileup on Calgary Trail.(Indeed, it seems there were problems across North America.) Sunday morning, at 1:00:00, we "gained an hour" and reset our world to "standard time." Our clocks changed suddenly 0:00:00; old-fashioned clocks not attached to an accurate network might not have changed, but if you asked anyone what the right time is, you’ll know that your kitchen clock is wrong and you’ll have to change it to match what’s going on in reality.
Are these events really only coincidental?
I'll choose my words very carefully: no, they aren't merely coincidental.

Where does that hour come from? What's it made up of? We all know that you can't make something out of nothing; that's physics. Time is, in a roundabout sort of way, a form of energy.
According to most experts I’ve asked, on Sunday morning we pulled an hour out of thin air. Ladies and gentlemen, we are now reaping the consequences of our tampering with space and time.

Let’s look at the statistics: each and every year, we add an hour in the fall and remove it again in the spring. If we understand time as energy, then we’re actually inducing a massive cooling effect by pulling all that atmospheric energy into time--this triggers the onset of winter. In the spring, we will see a reversal of this effect: all the energy stored in that extra hour is returned to the atmosphere, and we get to “spring ahead.”
I shudder at the thought of what might happen if everyone in the world disregarded Fleming’s time-zone safety system and decided to add or remove all that energy at the same time. Massive climate change, ladies and gentlemen; global disaster on a scale we cannot fathom.

This week's poll:

Was the extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning worth the risk?
No! You fools! We're all going to die!
You're insane.
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