The Feast of Tabernacles [or "booths"] And Tuesday Question

Pastor Rick reminded me on Sunday that this year's thanksgiving coincides with the feast of Tabernacles.
What is the feast of Tabernacles?
Like thanksgiving, it takes place after the harvest.
Like thanksgiving, it is preceded by the the day of atonement, a time of affliction and fasting in penitence and humility.
Just like thanksgiving, people go out and make little booths to live in for a week.

Wait, we don't really observe that last one.
Though I am glad that I'm not sleeping in the same house as everyone else, now that they despise me... (Long story short: "But she's such a nice girl! You two should get married someday! Lots of people get married when they're still finishing university!")

Anyway... The weekly question for Thanksgiving 2006 is:

What should our insipid anti-hero do this week to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles [or "booths"]?
More penitence and fasting! Work your way back to 50 pushups and run 2 km in the brisk autumnal air every morning!
Build a lean-to [or "booth"] out of spruce boughs, and sleep in it the rest of the week!
Glean the bits of knowledge that have slipped through your sieve by re-reading the chapters on Freud, Jung and Adler.
Write another 'blog entry about what you're thankful for!
Realize how dangerous these polls are and quit while you're ahead...
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Daniel Jackson said...

That was close...
At this rate, it'll be the end of the week before I get a clear majority vote, and I won't have to follow through with any of these!
Although I'm already thankful...
And I should get back into shape anyway...
And I need to study for that midterm...

So as long as we don't get two or three people voting for the wilderness shelter in the next couple of days, I'm safe.

Imoan said...

I would have chosen the last option, but the first one looks like too much fun :)

And BTW, we do not despise you, far from it, just having a hard time understanding.