I tried to put up a comic strip that was appropriate for the week, and I added an image to the footer, and now my blog won't display properly.
Maybe it's just the library computer. Not that that makes the situation any better...
I should go home and read my Psychology textbook. Or the comics that are sitting beside me...

That's the trouble with libraries. You're already there when you return the stuff, so you might as well go inside and look at more stuff. Then you get even more stuff than you did last week.
The biggest problem is the DVDs. "Oooh, Great Expectations! We've studied that in class a few weeks ago, so it's technically studying if I watch this DVD. Oooh, The Importance of Being Earnest! That's Victorian, and it's literary, so it's valuable to my research. Oh, Jane Austen too... Yes, it would be a good use of my time to watch this BBC miniseries of Persuasion..."

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