You know that you've been spending too much time on the motorcycle when...

... it's time for a haircut because your favourite helmet doesn't quite fit the same way anymore.
(You also know that you've been spending too much time on the motorcycle when you're scared to change your hairstyle because it might make that helmet fit differently...)

I went on a bit of a road trip this long weekend. Classes only started tuesday afternoon, and I didn't have to be at work on friday, so I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity and get out of Dodgemonton.

First stop: Canmore AB.
Distance: a long way.
Time to destination: ~5 hrs (inclusive of rest & fuelling stops every 1.5hrs or so.)

I deviated from the route shown in that I used Hwy 22 and 1A via Olds and Cochrane instead of the boring old QEII (formerly known as Hwy 2) through Calgary. 22 to Cochrane is always faster, but 1A’s winding trail is mostly just more interesting than the big four-lane.

Here’s a shot of the sunset from around Exshaw on the 1A; sorry about the blurriness in these pictures, I think I might have had the camera’s focus switch on macro mode (for close-up pictures.)

I got to Edward’s at around 9PM; Later than I expected, but not remarkably so. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but I hadn’t seen Edward in almost a year; he’s even got another kid now. Scary stuff.

We were up until 4AM or thereabouts, discussing plans and recent events and spiritual battles and so forth. This means that I only really slept for two hours, but it was most definitely worthwhile. (Thanks again, e. I know you probably had a rough time driving to Edmonton on Saturday, unless you let Lisa drive. Cars are nice that way.)

6:15AM, time to go. Goodbye, Edward & co. Enjoy your sleep. BTW, Nice mountain.

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