I’ve been slacking off, here’s some stuff from my weekend trip to Vancouver two weeks ago.

It’s kind of hard to tell, but this is an airsick bag with a moustache and nose on it.

I hope that someone will be entertained on the next flight. (I know that I was…)

I sensed an ominous presence as I approached the HMV on Robson&Burrard...

Downtown in Vancouver, they’re trying to raise money for Easter Seals by auctioning off fibreglass bears.
This one birthed all kinds of destructive temptations in my soul… (The Edmonton Eskimos’ mascot is a polar bear. All I would have needed is a little bit of green and gold paint…)(picture removed to avoid breaking these draconian trademark rules...)

I tried Gelato for the first time. Wow. Nutella and Vanilla was an amazing combination.

I got to spend some time with Kim’s friend Sally, who is finishing a fine arts degree somewhere in Kelowna. We went to the Richmond Night Market and saw the crazy people.
The quintessence of the night market... impossible to express in words.
Notice the use of classical architecture (the columns on the stage) to denote a sophisticated western influence. Note also the large yellow fibreglass bodybuilder, whose significance I am at a loss to explain.
Richmond is a strange place, especially at night.

Also from the night market:
I have no idea why this dog has tape on its ears.
(Sorry about the blurry picture, I didn’t want to make it obvious that I was going to mock this poor dog’s owner on the internet…)

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