Friday, the 13th (part n.)

The thirteenth is a day of Christmas choir performances, half-watched DVDs, and reading obscure novels during long drives.

It is a day of not-quite-functional washing machines, gas heaters that blow themselves out, and toaster ovens that don't quite hold all four slices of pizza at once.

The thirteenth is a day of leftover pizza, stolen french-fries, and chocolate chip cookies that were freshly-baked when you left home and invisible by the time you go to bed.

It is also a day of "I'm tired let's sleep in", of "it's too cold for t-shirts but much too warm for sweaters," and of "I think I might still be fighting off that stomach flu, maybe the pizza was a bad idea." 

The thirteenth is, in short, just another Friday. But *what* a just-another-Friday it is.

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