Luna Nova

The stars are full of memories
or so the poets say
the light that shines on us tonight
of distant past, so far away

My mind is full of wand'ring dreams
but hope... it keeps me here
what could have been, what might still be?
shall never be, because of fear

"Could I, then, have changed it?"
Is that the last torment?
Is this regret I feel tonight,
or just a pained lament?

To hope is but a curse, I think
when turned from now to then:
"so trust what is, shall be; no doubts!
Think not of how, but when."

In wand'ring thus, I feel less lost
and find more footing fair;
save nothing for the journey home
but trust it will be there.

Mem'ries are so full of stars:
they twinkle, glimmer-bright
and yet the darkness in between
is what I think on, here at night.

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Jack said...

changed one line, hope it makes a bit more sense now...