My new favourite author-chef

I just discovered this man, Michael Ruhlman:

This is just a video about grilling, but someone pointed me to his "ratio" book, and I've got to say that it's exactly what I've been looking for. Rather than specifying quantities of ingredients, he gives you ratios. If you know ratios of ingredients you never need to waste time guessing at conversions between measurements, or modifying recipe quantities for different serving sizes. You can simply take your base ingredient and work the ratios from there! More importantly for someone like me (I have a small kitchen with no running water, so I like to measure into the bowl on a scale to save cleanup time) ratios are even easier to measure by weight than by volume.

Perhaps more importantly, he knows Alton Brown.

The ratio application for Android is also very well designed. (I'm assuming the app for that other phone is the same.) Well worth $4.99 not having to figure out how many grams of flour are in a cup.

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